this is the end, beautiful friend, the end. 02.07.06

I'm deleting every entry in this diary because I simply couldn't delete the diary in whole. I'm not done totally yet, so ignore anything resurfacing I may have said when I was eighteen or younger.

It was bothering me that this was still up, and I have saved all the entries that mattered. It was not, as they say, a piece of cake, going through hundreds and hundreds of my former selves and plucking out the good stuff. For posterity.

Remove me from any ring I may have joined and defriend me to make room.

I am keeping this account up so that I can still read up on all the old Diaryland folk that I still, for better or for worse, care about. Whether I will ever update here again, and why, will remain a guess.

I can be found these days at primarily I don't update every day, or substantially, but often enough so you understand I'm not dead. I also frequent, but only because of peer pressure and music. I almost never blog. And lastly, I have a Facebook account. It was only so long before I cracked, given that I work in a university computer lab. You can find me under [email protected], or Tea [Inesrt Last Name Here]. Those of you who actually know the last time, should have no problem finding me.

It's been a swell ride, and I won't forget the vast majority of you, ever. (Mostly because the vast majority of you have also moved to LiveJournal. But that is neither here nor there.) There's some of you that I still intend on meeting.
Leave your email address in my guestbook if you want my cell number, and if I actually trust you I'll give it to ya. I love me some text messaging.

Email me: teabizzle@gmail dot com.

This is Tara/Christina/Tea, evolved, signing off of Diaryland at the age of 22, a Senior at LSU, residing in her own Elizabethan-red apartment and living her own damn life.

2000-2006. Honk if you love potatoes. Peace.